Visual Arts 2010


Female competitors will be required to do the traditional mandatory quarter-turns to the right in their two-piece swimsuit and high-heeled shoes. The four poses are:

Facing front, feet and legs together.
Facing stage right, a slight twist to the torso is allowed. Place one leg slightly in front of the other. Place the front arm to the rear and the back arm should cross the front of the body. Arms “relaxed” from the elbows down.
Facing the rear of the stage, feet together.
Facing stage left (similar to facing stage right).

Graceful transitions is a must! Visit for posing tips.

Visual Art - Posing (Presentation) Scoring

Each competitor will be scored on their posing presentation.

This score will be added to the other three scores to determine the top five winners in each height class. 40 points is the maximum number of total points a competitor can earn (Physique - 10, Posing - 10, Personality - 10, Photogenic - 10)

Fashion show score will determine overall best poser, instead of personality.

During the evening fashion show, each competitor will model a garment "inspired by" a world famous fashion designer. Whether it’s Haute Couture (high-fashion) or Pret-a-Porter (ready-to-wear) the garment must have the "look" or "connection" to their selected designer. Each lady must display confidence, poise, grace and beauty as she walks the runway.  Hair, artistic makeup and best interpretation of their selected designer will determine their score.

portswear & swimsuits are NOT allowed in this round of judging. Though the garments aren't the real thing, competitors must provide the name of their selected famous fashion designer before the prejudging.


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A portion of the proceeds benefiting the AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta

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